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A Welcome Letter From Coach Chic

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be back among my very favorite people in the world — hockey people, I mean.   As many of you might know, our long standing site (which spanned the last decade or more) was sabotaged, almost to the point of being unsalvageable.  All is good now, though, and I’m loving it.

One important note…  In the aftermath of my semi-retirement and move from Massachusetts to Florida, some business things have changed.  Second only to hockey, I’ve always loved working with video — beginning back in 1980.  So, having recently established a small company named Local Video Marketing, my hockey work will now fall under that umbrella.

Have no fear then, if my emails or messages might sometimes come from that new company, Local Video Marketing.  For sure, I’ll identify myself in future correspondence as Dennis or Coach Chic.

Henceforth, the site you’re now viewing — — will contain hockey advice aimed at causing visitors to think.  But it will also contain free hockey tips, tricks and shortcuts to make the game more enjoyable for everyone who visits.

What’s different?  Well, I not too long ago unveiled something extra special, in the form of a new membership site called “Coach Chic’s Hockey Mastermind Group”.  In just a few months, a massive amount of hockey advice has already accumulated there, with more coming with each new month.  As a matter of fact, speaking of “Coming…”  With each new month, I post a list of topics that will be coming over that span, with most of the planned posts containing videos.  So, if one wants to consider joining, any coach, parent or adult player can just scan the many past topics — plus the planned ones — to make a fairly well informed decision.

So, please keep coming back — for the free stuff and for further information on my Hockey Mastermind Group.

Thanks so much for stopping by.


~ Dennis C/Coach Chic


We’re working with new software and such right now, and trying to perfect our method of delivery to webinar attendees.  So, we ask that you be patient awaiting gradual announcements, signup procedures, etc.

Please do watch this space, though, and catch the video to the right about that webinar’s subject matter.

From Dennis and Albert



Hockey Webinar Updates

Consider these things:

  •  few drills found online match your team’s age, experience level and needs
  • a predetermined practice plan can only work for so long
  • some of tonight’s drills have to deal with tonight’s problems
  • considering all the above, you need to design your own drills