Where Real Players Get Real Help

The title conversation got going in a hockey forum where I proposed something having to do with the fact that the best hockey players have usually had outside guidance, and didn’t get their real training from their local team. –  Dennis Chighisola Where Real Players Get Real Help That opening statement wasn’t to lessen the […]

The Time Is Right

I might be a haunt at times, or sound like a broken record.  However, I am all about evaluating and evaluating and evaluating. – Dennis Chighisola The Time Is Right Please envision me talking to both hockey coaches and parents in this one.  For, it’s time each does a bit of his or her own […]

Developing Hockey Instincts

I doubt a better thing can be said about an athlete than that he or she has great instincts.  We hear that all the time from pro scouts and general managers, especially surrounding draft day. Exactly what does that mean?  Hmmmmmmm…  As it turns out, I found some conflicting definitions as I waded my way […]